Repair Services

AC & Heating System

Brake Services

Diagnosis and Evaluation Services

Axle / CV Joint Repair (FWD)

Radiator Repair/Replacement

Automatic Transmission Repair

Manual Transmission Repair

Clutch Repair Service

Four Wheel Drive Systems

Electric & Hydraulic Repairs

24/7 Road Service




Trailer Repairs



Fan Motors

Water Pumps

Fuel Pumps

Air & Fuel Filters

Power Steering

Tire Alignment
 Adjust the position of your wheels so they are aligned and parallel to each other. This will increase the life of your tires and fuel efficiency.

Tire Puncture Repair
 A flat tire can usually be repaired. We'll be happy to get you up and rolling again.

Tire Rotation and Balancing
Rotating and balancing your tires will increase tire life and reduce vibrations from uneven contact with the road.

Nitrogen Fill Tire Service
 Fill your tires with nitrogen instead of oxygen to ensure your tire pressures will remain stable over the long term.

15-Point Oil Change Service

Battery Installation

Filter Replacement

Check Engine Light Service

Inspection Services

D.O.T. Inspections

Multipoint Inspection

Smog Check

Emissions Inspection

State Brake and Lamp Inspections

Visit us at our AUTO REPAIR site for what we do on cars and light duty trucks:


From minor maintenance to major repairs, our team of experienced mechanics are ready to serve your needs.

Preventative Maintenance‏


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Engine Services

Engine Flush and Fill Service

Drive Belt Inspection or Replacement

Fan Belt Inspection or Replacement

Serpentine Belt Inspection or Replacement

Brake Fluid Change

Differential Fluid Change

Power Steering Fluid Change

Transmission Fluid & Filter

Timing Belt Inspection or Replacement

Heater Hose Inspection or Replacement

Radiator Hose Inspection or Replacement

Mobile Weldeing / Fabrication